Research Education

Research Education, Mentoring, and Career Development Opportunities

Educational opportunities are offered in a wide range of formats and venues.  From programs for the career development of established faculty to the mentored development of new trainees the GP-CCTR offers an educational home for researchers interested in clinical and translational sciences. 

The GP-CCTR sponsors workshops and seminar series throughout the year, opportunities are offered both on the UNMC campus and as distance learning opportunities for our rural collaborators.         

Mentored Scholars Program +
Mentored Scholars Program

Program Directors: Lani (Chi Chi) Zimmerman, MSN, PhD & Lynell Klassen, MD
A K12 Program to provide multidisciplinary didactic education and practical research grant training to junior faculty with an interest in clinical translational research

Career Development +
Faculty Members  
Clinical Translational Research Mentored Scholar Program Program Directors:  Lani (Chi Chi) Zimmerman, MSN, PhD & Lynell Klassen, MD
The Molecular Biology of Neurosensory Systems (CoBRE) Principal Investigator: Shelley Smith, PhD
Provides mentorship for Junior Research in the area of
Nebraska Center for Cellular Signaling (CoBRE) Principal Investigator:  Keith Johnson, PhD
Provides mentorship for Junior Researchers in the areas of oral and dental health
Nebraska Center for Nanomedicine (CoBRE) Principal Investigator:  Tatiana Bronich, PhD
Provides mentorship for Junior Researchers in the areas of nanomedicine and Drug Delivery
Entrepreneur in Residence Program Administered by:  UNeMED
A mentored program for investigators interested in technology development as a career
Coordinators and Other Professionals  
Clinical Coordinators Workshop 

Program Director: LuAnn Larson, RN, CCRP
Provides training in all aspects related to being a research coordinator.  Provides opportunities for new coordinators to network with experienced coordinators.  Contact the Clinical Research Center for information on the next workshop.

July 2014 Program

Research Users Group Program Director:  Linda Wilkie
Provides training on information technology related topics related to research
Education Programs +

Graduate Programs

MD/PhD Scholars Program The program begins in the summer before the first year of medical school, where students participate in laboratory rotations to select a research mentor. 
Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) The purpose of the program is to encourage partnerships between biomedical scientists, science educators, and community leaders that improve K-12 student and public understanding of the health sciences.  
Biomedical Research Training Program (BRTP) The Biomedical Research Training Program (BRTP) is a common entry program for Ph.D. study in the College of Medicine’s five Basic Science Departments and the Cancer Graduate Research Program.  

Undergraduate Programs


 Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Designed to provide training and experience to students thinking of entering medical or graduate studies, this program familiarizes students with UNMC faculty, students, and programs.  Participants will complete a research project under the mentorship of a UNMC faculty member and participate in research seminar series. 

UNMC High School Alliance 

Juniors and seniors take college-level classes and get a head start on their health care career.  Courses cover a range of health care topics, such as human anatomy, biomedical research, and medical decision-making.
Coordinators Newsletters +
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December 2014 Coordinators Quarterly Presentation Handouts 

Research Education Contacts

Mentored Scholars Graduate Education Rural Health
 Lynell Klassen    
Lynell Klassen, MD
Professor, Internal Medicine-Rheumatology
Deb Romberger, MD
Professor, Internal Medicine-Pulmonary
Lani Zimmerman, RN, PhD
Professor, College of Nursing


C-T Seminars