Entrepreneur in Residence Program

Entrepreneur in Residence Program

The Entrepreneurship course will require trainees to expand their thought process beyond science and basic research.  Adding the complexities of business and legal issues to science will challenge trainees to think more broadly about their research and how it may be translated.  With a better understanding of the expectations of the marketplace, trainees will be better equipped to establish robust translational research projects.  Furthermore, this interactive program will provide basic training in new technology development for a diverse audience.  Innovators and trainees interested in a career in technology development will be paired with appropriate mentors.  Contact the UNeMED office for information 402-559-2468

Veteran Biotechnology Expert Named "Entrepreneur in Residence" for UNeMED

Gary Madsen, Ph.D., has been named entrepreneur in residence for UNeMed Corporation, the technology transfer company for the University of Nebraska Medical Center

The “Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)” program was funded by the University of Nebraska to enable UNMC and the other University of Nebraska campuses to bring unique skills to the process of technology development and commercialization.

“Dr. Madsen has a wealth of industry experience that will help UNeMed staff and UNMC faculty bring inventions into clinical use,” said James Linder, M.D., president of the University Technology Development Corporation.

In his new role, Dr. Madsen will:

  • Help identify promising UNMC technologies that have the potential to form the basis of new startup companies; and
  • Establish partnerships between industry, faculty, clinicians and funding sources in order to develop new business ventures based on novel technologies.
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Innovation Accelerator Program
For high-tech entrepreneurs, cutting-edge communicators and government grant recipients, making the right connections sometimes means the difference between explosive growth and standing still.

Enter Innovation Accelerator, located at the Scott Technology Center. Designed to help set in motion viable ideas with positive economic potential, Innovation Accelerator’s experts create unions and forge paths between like-minded individuals, progressive corporations, academicians, forward-thinking small business owners and others.


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