Mentored Scholar Graduates

Current Scholars and Their Research Focus

2011 Clinical Translational Scholars

The fifth cohort of scholars in the UNMC Clinical and Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program are from left to right, Uriel Sandkovsky, MD and Javeed Iqbal, PhD.

Uriel Sandkovsky, MD
Department of Internal Medicine – Infectious Disease,  College of Medicine
Pharmacology of HIV drugs and Aging

Javeed Iqbal, PhD
Department of Pathology, College of Medicine
Mutation analysis of T-cell lymphoma

2010 Clinical Translational Scholars

Not pictured.
Jennifer Wagner, PhD
VA Nebraska Western Iowa Healthcare System
Human factors and design of optimal clinical environment

2009 Clinical Translational Scholars

The third cohort of scholars in the UNMC Clinical and Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program are, from left, Barbara Swore-Fletcher, PhD, Kai Fu, MD, PhD, Amy Cannella MD, and Troy Plumb, MD

Barbara Swore-Fletcher, PhD
College of Nursing
Patient, Caregiver and Health Provider Communication and Impact on Outcomes of Cancer Patients

Kai Fu, MD, PhD
Dept of Pathology, College of Medicine
Micro-RNA role in mantle cell lymphoma pathogenesis and targeted therapy

Amy Cannella, MD
Dept of Internal Medicine-Rheumatology, College of Medicine
Novel treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Troy Plumb, MD
Dept of Internal Medicine-Nephrology, College of Medicine
Novel approaches to arteriovenous access in hemodialysis patients

2008 Clinical Translational Scholars

The second cohort of scholars in the UNMC Clinical and Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program are, from left, Chris Shaffer, PharmD, Alvin Wee, DDS, Pamela Jones, PhD, and Polly Hulme, PhD

Polly Hulme, PhD
Associate Professor - Nursing
Neurobiological basis of effects of early sexual abuse with medical morbidities

Pamela Jones, PhD
Assistant Professor - Nursing
Culturally sensitive interventions for tobacco abuse among African-Americans

Christopher Shaffer, PharmD
Director, Pharmacy
Personalized Pharmacy according to pharmacogenomics in the setting of solid organ and stem cell transplantation

Alvin Wee, DDS
Associate Professor - Otolaryngology
Community-based approaches to early detection of head and neck cancer among dental practitioners

 2007 Clinical Translational Scholars


The first cohort of UNMC Clinical and Translational Research Mentored Scholars are: back row from left -- Jason Johanning, MD; Prasad Padala, MD; Apar Ganti, MD; and Deborah Darrington, MD; front row from left -- Srikar Adhikari, MD, and Chi Lin, MD

Srikar Adhikari, MD
Assistant Professor - Emergency Medicine
Use of Ultrasonography in Risk Stratification of Hypertensive patients in the ER

Deborah Darrington, MD
Assistant Professor - Oncology
Use of patient-run community program in cancer survivorship

Apar Ganti, MD
Assistant Professor - Oncology 
Molecular markers for risk stratification of lung cancer for better response to biological treatment

Jason Johanning, MD
Assistant Professor - Vascular Surgery
Advanced biomechanical evaluation of gait in patients with peripheral vascular disease

Chi Lin, MD
Assistant Professor - Radiation Oncology
Phase I and II novel treatments for gastric and pediatric cancer

Prasad Padala, MD
Assistant Professor - Psychiatry
Use of apathy construct in predicting outcomes of common medical disorders 

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