Pharmacy Services

Requesting Services

Any investigator conducting clinical trials utilizing investigational products or any medication supplied to this institution from a sponsor must contact the TNMC Investigational Drug Service.


Protocol Assistance and Design

  • Participate in site initiation visits, start-up meetings, routine monitoring visits, audits, closeouts, etc.
  • Provide pharmaceutical expertise to investigators, coordinators and other participating personnel in regards to trial procedures
    • Blinding
    • Randomization
    • Compounding
    • IV Admixture
    • Drug Procurement
    • Study Logistics


  • Monitors state and FDA regulations, TNMC Policies and Procedures, and Cooperative Group Regulations

Inventory Control

  • Ordering and receiving medications
  • Storage and security
  • Documented Temperature Control
  • Return/Destruction compliance


  • Computerized order entry
  • Sponsor Logbooks
  • IVRS Systems


  • Inpatient (Hospital Units, Emergency Room, Catheterization Laboratory)
  • Outpatient
    • Outpatient Clinic Pharmacy
    • Lied/Village Point/Bellevue Outpatient Infusions Clinic
    • Internal Medicine Infusion Clinic
    • Clinical Research Unit

Drug Information

  • Provide medication administration guidelines for nursing
  • Provide written guidelines to pharmacy personnel
  • Provide staff protocol information and education

P & T Forms
Drug Registry Forms must be attached to your IRB Application prior to submission.  You may down load the forms below or from the IRB Website, complete and save your form, then upload it directly to your electronic IRB application.