Disease Specific Biobanks & Registries

Patient registries have been developed to identify individuals who would be interested in participating in research studies related to a specific disease or as a normal control, or in some cases to collect data that can be later studied to identify what might be causes of certain diseases, or what factors make them progress faster.

Registries that you can donate to include the following:

 Registries & Biobanks  Contact Information
AIDS and AIDS Dementia Registry  Frances Van Meter, RN, APRN
 Breast Cancer Collaborative Registry  Liz Fleissner, RN 
Cardio-Thoracic Cancer Collaborative Registry Natalie Kamtz, BA
Genitourinary Cancer Collaborative Registry Alice Kueh, MS
 Pancreatic Cancer Collaborative Registry Alice Kueh, MS
 Thyroid Cancer Collaborative Registry 
(Thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer)

 Kelly Treude, BS

Normal Control Registry   Alice Kueh, MS
Cystic Fibrosis Registry  Jill Fliege, MS, APRN
The Nebraska Biobank
deidentified serum and DNA samples
Purnima Guda, PhD
Diabetes, Obesity, and Complications (DOCR) Registry   Megan Severson, BS 
Hearing and Communication Disorders Registry  Colleen Gibilisco, BSEd, MS
 Boystown National Research Hospital
Nebraska Parkinson's Disease Registry  Jill Krause
 NE Department of Health and Human Services
Rheumatoid Arthritis Investigational Network
James O'Dell, MD, Director 
RAIN Database PI: Kaleb Michaud, PhD  402-559-7239
RAIN Database Coordinator:  Debra Bergman  402-559-8846  
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lupus and other Rheumatic Diseases Registry  Kaleb Michaud, PhD
Tissue Procurement Shared Resource Julia Bridge, MD

Information for Researchers
Human tissue obtained through clinical procedures or for research may be used within the Nebraska Medical Center campus or transferred to external organizations consistent with the Nebraska Medical Center campus mission of patient care, teaching, research and outreach. Tissue obtained for clinical and/or research purposes is the property of the Nebraska Medical Center Academic Clinical Enterprise (i.e. UNMC, UNMC Physicians and The Nebraska Medical Center). 

Use and transfer of human tissue shall take place in accordance with UNMC Policy #8013 to ensure applicable regulatory and ethical standards are met.

This policy applies to physical tissue and not to tissue images.