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Investigational Drug Service

The Nebraska Medical Center Investigational Drug Service provides custom pharmaceutical services for the clinical and translational researcher.  The Investigational Drug Service Pharmacist is available to address questions or concerns regarding pharmaceutical and investigational agents used in clinical trials.

Clinical trials which utilize medication or investigational products supplied to the institution from a sponsor must have the protocol reviewed by the Medical Staff Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee).

The Medical Staff Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

The Medical Staff Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee reviews IRB protocols studying the effects of investigational or marketed drugs.  Membership of the P&T Committee consists of at least six (6) medical staff appointees and representatives from the Pharmaceutical & Nutrition Care, Nursing Services, and The Nebraska Medical Center management.

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Investigational Drug Services Pharmacist

Jonathan Beck, PharmD

Applicable Policies
Policies specific to The Nebraska Medical Center can be found here use keyword "Pharmacy" search to locate specific policies.

Investigational Drugs #MS05
Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee  #MS07