Fitness Services


Fitness Services

Appropriate physical activity has the ability to enhance your health and fitness.  The Center for Healthy Living is committed to providing facilities, information and assistance to individuals interested in initiating and maintaining a health-oriented approach to physical activity.  


Assessment of current fitness status including:

  • resting heart rate
  • blood pressure*
  • height
  • weight
  • body composition profile
  • aerobic capacity
  • muscular strength/endurance
  • flexibility

*The UNMC Center for Healthy Living has obtained a clinical-quality, automated blood pressure machine. It is located in Wellness Lending Library, room 1011 of the Student Life Center. Individuals can use the monitor anytime during the operating hours of the facility.


  1. Discussion of the fundamentals of a health-oriented approach to physical activity.
  2. Evaluation of individual fitness goals and needs.
  3. Equipment orientation and exercise instruction. 


Exercise Specialist:
Peter Pellerito
M.A. Health Education
American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Health and Fitness Instructor

A Center For Healthy Living Exercise Specialist is available by appointment Monday through Friday.

For assistance call 402-559-5253 or email at