Health Promotions


Health Promotions

How we live is the essence of life. It is important to realize that although many things are beyond our ability to control, our behaviors can have immediate and long term consequences for our health and happiness. Studies have attributed over half of disease to unhealthy behaviors. Accepting responsibility for our lifestyles and learning how to live well is the challenge of "Making the Good Life a Reality!" Measurable decreases in risks to health can result from changes in diet; physical activity; injury prevention behavior; sexual habits; and tobacco, alcohol and other drug use.

Wellness / Health Promotion involves engaging in attitudes and behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential. The concept of wellness emphasizes the need to take responsibility for behaviors that develop optimal health.

S.P.I.S.E. Up your life with the 5 Dimensions of Wellness! 

S = Social
P = Physical
I = Intellectual
S = Spiritual
E = Emotional

The key to personal wellness / health promotion is finding a BALANCE among all 5 dimensions!

The UNMC Center for Healthy Living has obtained a clinical-quality, automated blood pressure machine. It is located in Wellness Lending Library, room 1011 of the Student Life Center. Individuals can use the monitor anytime during the operating hours of the facility.

Jayme Nekuda
For further information contact UNMC's Health Promotion Manager, Jayme Nekuda at the Center For Healthy Living 402-559-8962

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