Video Tape Description

Video format classes available including the popular DVD series  P90X, P90X2, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer and Jillian Michaels The Biggest Winner

Time Saver Cardio Fat Burner – With Kathy Smith 20 Minute combination routine with low-impact movements for a fat burning work out, followed by a second 20 minute mixed aerobic Hi-lo routine. 

Shape Lifting – With Linda Allen Upper body exercises for shoulders, arms and chest, and lower body exercises focusing on the waist, legs and buttocks. Designed for over all body tone, uses light weights and repetition for desired results. 

Sharon’s Step Aerobics – With Sharon Filmed here at the CFHL, Sharon takes you through an easy to follow low impact, fat-burning step class, followed by body sculpting and stretching -----all in 45 minutes. 

2 Mile Walk – With Leslie Sansone Complete a 2 mile walk indoors. This workout will burn fat and excess inches by working your entire body. Choreographed to upbeat music, paces at a speed equal to walking a 15 minute mile. 

The Joy of Yoga – With Sara Ivanhoe The joy of yoga captures the simplicity of this ancient movement with a unique blend of stretching and yoga poses in a format and language that is easy to follow. If used regularly, will increase flexibility, strength, stamina and muscle tone. 

Kick-boxing work out – With Kathy Smith Fun and safe ways to firm up and burn calories, while building endurance, coordination, and power. Simple punching and kicking combo's designed to tone and slim. Kicking drills work buns and thighs. 

Step, Rhythm, & Moves – With Petra Kolber Fun rhythms that give you the "dance club" feeling. The 50-minute video also has optional power moves to increase intensity, and the music is perfect for motivation! 

Getting Fit in Jerusalem - with Gilad This video combines high energy fat-burning routines with muscle conditioning. The program is designed to help you burn calories and tone your muscles quickly. This work out will give you results fast! 

2 Jammin Workouts - with Gay: Warm up, and go through the latest moves for an advanced effective aerobic workout. Workout 2: Step-n-strike workout will challenge the advanced steppers. Step mixed with kick boxing plus cool down. 

Optimizer fat eliminator - with Mina Lessing Easy to follow circuit training program alternates effective fat burning cardio and target toning exercises for a leaner body. Plus a 15-minute bonus segment - Blast the Fat using hand weights. 

Streamline Fitness - with Karen Voight Dynamic moves to increase overall stamina, exercises to sculpt the upper body, legs legs and buttocks with 3-5 lb. hand weights or a weighted ball. Concentrated abdominal and back exercises & yoga cool down. 

Body Bar, Master your Body - with Keli Roberts An exciting, energetic and educational workout using classic Body Bar moves in powerful and effective ways. Focus on form, technique, and execution to sculpt and fine tune a strong defined body. 

Step Reebok: The Video - with Gin Miller This video takes you through a complete heart-pumping session of Step Reebok. With the look and feel of a music video, it puts you in the middle of a unique and dynamic group workout. 

Step Reebok; The Power Workout - with Gin Miller This is a real workout. 50 minutes of fat burning, muscle toning total body conditioning. It is entertaining, energetic and definitely effective. 

Ultimate Stomach & Thighs - with Kathy Smith This workout is designed so that beginner, intermediate and advanced levels will all get a great workout. The instruction is divided into three phases to allow you to easily progress. 

Power Stepping - with Lynne Brick RN, BS A perfect form of cardiovascular exercise that helps you burn fat and tone muscle. Also included is an upper body toning section and abdominal work for a total body workout. 

Power Stepping II - with Lynne Brick RN, BS - 60 minutes of low impact/high intensity step training for intermediate to advanced steppers. Video includes a warm up, 30 minutes of intermediate to advanced stepping, cool down and sculpting session. 

Dance Step Reebok - with Petra Kolber This video provides a great cardiovascular workout that incorporates the most classic of dance steps - including the Charleston and the Cha-Cha. The theme of the video acts as a great motivator! 

Sweatin' to the Oldies - with Richard Simmons - This workout is pure enjoyment. You will hear all of Richards favorite heart-thumping tunes from the 50's and 60's, as well as work the fun and effective moves his workouts are famous for. 

Burn Fat & Get Fit - with Susan Powter It's all about getting your body strong and healthy, regardless of your fitness level. This video will increase strength and increase cardio-endurance! Shrink your body and feel better than you have in years.