Required Training

Required Training

During your MD program, you are required to complete some specific training courses.  These are not formally part of the medical school curriculum, but are required for all medical students.  There is no need to take these courses ahead of time as the College will need to have all students complete the training while in medical school.

One Chart, Powered by Epic is the electronic healthcare record. The Nebraska Medical Center Learning Connection will the provide training for One Chart modules. Students are required to complete separate training for outpatient (ambulatory) care and inpatient care modules.  In the spring semester of the first year, students will take the outpatient (AMB) care module.  The date and time of the AMB module will be scheduled for students by the ESO. Prior to the beginning of the clinical rotations (junior year) students will register for the inpatient (INP) module. 

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification

Certification in ACLS and BLS are required for graduation.  UNMC Center for Continuing Education will provide BLS and ACLS classes for medical students

How do I sign up?
The ESO will group register BLS classes
• Incoming M1 students - classes scheduled the first week of class
• Rising M3 students - classes scheduled just before J-Term

M4 students will need to contact the EMS dept in the Center for Continuing Education ( to register for their ACLS class.

For individual class needs:
Contact the EMS dept in the Center for Continuing Education (

What are the costs?
The College of Medicine will pay for 1 initial BLS class; 1 BLS recertification class, and 1 ACLS class for each medical student. Students contacting CCE directly will be required to give a current credit card number when they register for class. This credit card will only be charged if the student is not authorized to take a class, does not attend the scheduled class, does not return the manual, or if the material returned is damaged. Students who borrow a manual must return the manual to the instructor in its original condition at the conclusion of the class. Damaged/lost books or CDs will incur an additional charge.

What happens if I cancel?
Group scheduled classes cannot be cancelled.
Individually scheduled classes: Cancellations after class has started will not be accepted, and the student’s credit card will be billed. Bonafide cancellations may be called in 10 days prior to the start of class.

What if I take the class at somewhere other than the COM designated vendor?
If a student wishes to take BLS or ALS using a different vendor, they may do so, but it will be at the student's own expense. The COM does not reimburse students for classes at other vendors.