Alpha Omega Alpha, "AOA," is a non-secret national honorary society in which membership is based upon scholarship and moral qualities. The University of Nebraska College of Medicine Alpha Chapter was organized November 2, 1914, and has grown to about 1000 members. The aim of the society is to recognize qualities of scholastic excellence, integrity, leadership, compassion, and fairness.

The society sponsors two annual convocations by prominent visiting lecturers, one at the time of initiation of new members. Periodically it sponsors a well-known physician as an "AOA, Visiting Professor" for a period of several days. As a major campus organization interested in promotion of scholarship, the society participates in various other academic programs, as well.

Nominations are limited to those students in the College of Medicine whose scholastic record places them in the upper one-fourth of their class, but the number of newly elected members may not exceed one-sixth of the total number expected to graduate. Not more than one-half of this quota may be elected in the year prior to their graduation. Elections are held in the fall of each year. The chapter may also elect each year, as members of AOA, one faculty member, two alumni, and three house officers of the College of Medicine.