Core/Course Faculty

Listed below are the Core Directors and in some cases, additional faculty serve as support in a specific area of expertise.

Year One Director - Richard Macdonald, Ph.D.

Structure & Development of the Human Body - Carol Lommeth, Ph.D. 

Cellular Processes - William Chaney, Ph.D.

Function of the Human Body - Kurtis Cornish, Ph.D.

Neurosciences - Ryan Splittgerber, Ph.D.

Integrated Clinical Experience I & II - Devin Nickol, M.D.

Problem Based Learning Coordinator - Richard MacDonald, Ph.D.

Year Two Director - S. James Booth, Ph.D.

Introduction to Disease Processes - S. James Booth, Ph.D.

Subsection Leaders: 

Cardiology/Pulmonary/Endocrinology/Ears, Nose & Throat - Craig Piquette, M.D.

Subsection Leaders:

Neurology/Ophthalmology/Psychiatry - Paul Larsen, M.D.

Subsection Leaders:

Hematology / Oncology/ Musculoskeletal / Basic Life Support / Dermatology -

  • Hematology/Oncology section, Core Director    - Geoffrey Talmon,MD
    • Matthew  Lunning, MD (Asst.)
  • Musculoskeletal/ BLS/ Dermatology section, Core Director - Amy Cannella, MD

Gastroenterology / Genitourinary Systems -

Integrated Clinical Experiences III & IV - Regan Taylor, MD

Nutrition Coordinator - Corrine Hanson, PhD.
Pathology Coordinator - Geoffrey Talmon, MD
Pharmacology - Coordinator - David McMillan, Ph.D.
Problem Based Learning Coordinator - James Booth, PhD