Course Proposals

Course Proposal

Members of the curriculum committee are interested in faculty ideas for new courses and modifications to courses. 

Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for New or Revised Courses / Cores or Programs of Study 

Course Changes

To request the creation of a new course or the modification of an existing course, complete and print the appropriate form with signatures and send it to the Curriculum and Educational Research (zip 5525). The request will be reviewed by the Director of the Curriculum and Educational Research Office and, when complete, will be forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for approval. 

The links below open an interactive Word rtf (rich text format) form. After completing and printing the form, obtain the appropriate signatures and mail to the Curriculum and Educational Research Office (zip 5525). 

Fill out this form to create a new course.

Fill out this form to modify an existing course.

If you are unable to download the form, please contact Kitty Dybdall in the Educational Development Office.

EMET Proposal

The Curriculum Committee would like to invite you to develop a Medical School Track in a topic for which you have a special interest. 

Enhanced Medical School Tracks create an opportunity for medical students to have a rigorous education in a specific interdisciplinary field of medicine that goes beyond the basic curriculum without lengthening the time needed to graduate. These tracks are intended to be challenging for students and will address specific educational objectives in greater depth than is provided in the required curriculum. Tracks provide faculty members with a vehicle to mentor students who share their special interest in a topic in medicine. 

The medical school tracks are a longitudinal, interdisciplinary experience for students to work closely with a faculty mentor. Interested students will be admitted during their M1 year and will participate in designated activities, such as seminars, preceptorships or research, during their M1, M2 and M3 years. In the M4 year students, with guidance from their mentors, will produce a capstone project such as a poster or conference presentation. Recognition for students who complete a track may include documentation of performance in their MSPE, acknowledgement of program completion on their transcript, or a certificate presented at the ‘hooding’ ceremony. 

Fill out this form if you want to create a new EMET track.Type your responses to the questions in the fields provided on the form and then print your completed proposal. Proposals should be mailed to Dr. Gary Beck (zip 5525); all proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee. 

 For additional information please contact Gary Beck, Ph.D., Director of the Curriculum and Educational Research Office.