Areas of Excellence

Our expertise in certain areas is known across the U.S. and throughout the world.

  • Cancer – Research into the causes of cancer, specialized treatment based on DNA and prevention are just some of the ways College of Medicine researchers work with the Eppley Cancer Center to find cures for this disease.
  • Cardiovascular disease – Our heart center offers novel advances in drug therapies and new surgical options.
  • Diabetes – A chronic health challenge for thousands of Nebraskans, our faculty specialize in diabetes care and research.
  • Infectious diseases – A one-of-a-kind team dedicated to staph research plus clinicians who aim to prevent infections make up our collaborative approach to identify and treat infectious diseases.
  • Neurological disease – Our researchers dedicate their time to develop innovative strategies to tackle neurodegenerative diseases like stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Regenerative Medicine – Hope for incurable diseases is possible through our efforts --using regenerative medicine  techniques -- to replace damaged tissue.
  • Robotics – A unique partnership between science and engineering can mean smaller incisions and quicker recovery times. Our Center for the Advancement of Surgical Technology uses robotic technology to advance surgical options.

Scientific Service
Many of our researchers serve as editors-in-chief for national or international scientific journals.