Graduation Requirements

Students will receive a doctor of medicine degree if they are at least 21 years old, possess good  moral character and meet the following requirements:

  • Have studied medicine for at least two years at UNMC's College of Medicine.
  • Have passed all examinations and received grades of "H", "HP", "P" or "M" in all courses.
  • Have passed USMLE Step 1.
  • Have registered for USMLE Step 2 at least one month prior to graduation (both clinical skills and knowledge exams).
  • Have passed a minimal competency examination with a patient simulator during the junior internal medicine rotation.
  • Have taken and passed an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) during the senior year.
  • Have successfully completed the ultrasound (starting with the class of 2018) and quality curricula (starting with the class of 2017) through all four years.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
  • Recorded completion of required NMC Call Center and underserved experience.
  • Have discharged all indebtedness to, and compliance requirements, of the University of Nebraska.
  • Completed the required Senior Seminar Series.

Students who do not complete their graduation requirements prior to April 1st of their senior year will not be allowed to participate in the hooding/honors and graduation program.

Reviewed and approved by the curriculum committee - 11/25/2014