HIV medicine is not the study of a single disease, but rather a compendium of knowledge that includes basic sciences, clinical sciences, behavioral sciences and social issues.

HIV medicine encompasses the full spectrum of experiences that a physician may confront in clinical practice from the subtleties of obtaining a proper sexual history to the difficulties of diagnosing and treating an opportunistic infection or a neoplasia in immunosuppressed patients.

The HIV medicine track offers:

  • A practical and didactic 4 year curriculum in HIV medicine;
  • An introduction to the principles of diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection and its complications; and
  • An integral vision of HIV medicine including its scientific, clinical and psychosocial components.

Program Directors
Several faculty experts in HIV medicine direct this program.

Contact: Uriel Sandkovsky, M.D. or Susan Swindells, M.D. at 402-559-5392.