Leave of Absence

Students may, under exceptional circumstances, be granted a Leave of Absence (LOA) from medical school. Any such LOA granted shall be solely within the discretion of UNMC based upon the merits of the request, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The student who is considering a request for LOA should discuss this request with his or her academic advisor, and with the Associate Dean for Admissions and Students. 

The following guidelines apply to all requests for LOA:

  • The student must request the LOA in writing. The request should describe, in detail, the rationale for requesting LOA, and should be addressed to the Associate Dean for Admissions and Students.
  • A student who is the subject of an involuntary dismissal from medical school, for any reason, including but not limited to, academic performance or disciplinary action, may not be eligible to invoke the procedures contained in this policy.
  • Requests for LOA from students who are experiencing academic failure or who are not in good academic standing, for example, a student on academic probation, or a student with failing grades on conjoint examinations or clerkships, will be referred to the Scholastic Evaluation Committee. If that committee grants a Leave of Absence, it may require specific actions to be completed by the student as a condition for return to classes at a later date. 
  • The student is responsible for initiating determination of the financial consequences of taking a LOA. For example, financial obligations regarding tuition payment and loan repayment as well as scholarships and grants need to be reviewed with the Business Office and the Office of Financial Aid. 
  • If granted, a LOA will apply to the remainder of an academic year, and the student will be required to return no later than the beginning of the next academic year unless a shorter time is specified. Extension of LOA for longer than one year will require a request in writing directed to the Scholastic Evaluation Committee. Approval will depend upon the strength of the rationale for the request. 
  • Students who have been granted LOA are responsible for notifying the Office of Admissions and Students of their intention to return to classes on the appointed date no later than two months before the start of classes. If not so notified, the student's place in the class will be forfeited. Re-entry into the College of Medicine would require re-application through the usual admissions process of the American Medial College Application Service (AMCAS). 
  • Students who withdraw from the College of Medicine without official LOA will be required to approach the college through the regular admissions/applications process, i.e., through AMCAS.
  • Upon re-enrollment following a Leave of Absence, the student will be subject to all rules and regulations which pertain to the class he or she is joining. Those rules and regulations may differ from those applying to the class into which the student initially matriculated.

Approved by Scholastic Evaluation Committee - 12/5/95