M1 Comprehensive Exam

M1 Comprehensive Examination

The M1 Comprehensive Exam is a competency-based examination that serves as a self-assessment tool for students finishing their first year of medical school.  A passing score is not required for promotion to the second year, but all M1 students (who are not committed to repeating the first year) are required to complete the examination.

The examination will be randomized and given as a computer-based exam.  Students will be given 1.2 minutes per question to complete the exam in the following format:

Cellular Processes, Neurosciences: 24 questions each
Function of the Human Body, Structure of the Human Body: 40 questions each
Integrated Clinical Experience: 12 questions
Histology: 10 questions

The exam will be given on the Monday after the Neurosciences final core examination.

Students will have the opportunity to retake the exam immediately prior to starting the M2 year in August as an additional self-assessment opportunity.


Students will receive their raw score and percent score.

Students will be issued a report with section scores according to USMLE categories.