M4 Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) Senior Seminars

The M4 Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) Senior Seminars are designed to teach complex clinical issues at a point in students’ careers when they have a clinical context for understanding the relevance of those issues. Senior Seminars give students a time to discuss and reflect on their common professional experiences with their colleagues and faculty as they complete their medical school careers. The seminars also provide time for students to reconnect with their classmates one last time before graduation and to assist them in their transition to internship and life as a physician.

Instruction and assessment: The instructional format predominantly utilizes small group, interactive, and case-discussion formats led by faculty who are experts in their field. Lecture time and assigned readings are limited. Students are required to complete a total of 72 hours of coursework, composed of seminars each of which lasts 8 hours or 4 hours. Some seminars are required for all students and the student can satisfy the remainder of the required 72 hours by choosing from the elective menu below.

Students are assessed on attendance and participation.

An on-line Blackboard course is available for participating students and faculty.

The present list of seminars available includes:


End-Of-Life Care Senior Seminar

Medical Mistakes/Malpractice

Cross Cultural Medicine

Personal Health and Financial Well-Being

Quality Improvement



Payers of Health Care

Addiction Medicine

Improving the Health Care Response to Intimate Partner Violence

Landmark Legal Cases: How Courts Influence the Practice of Medicine

Reproductive Ethics

Essential Psychiatric Skills for Any Clinical Professional

Long-Term Care: The Places, The Practice and The Problems.

Healthcare Advocacy

Pain Management

Health Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Patients

Advanced Anti-Microbial Management – A Double Edge Sword

Adult Rehabilitation

Pediatric Habilitation

Cardiac Arrest Management Simulation and Team Function

Women’s Health

Preventative Healthcare - Pregnancy and Childhood/Adolescence

Preventative Healthcare - Adult

EKG Reading Review

Preparing for Internship: Inpatient Care of Emergent Problems

Physician as Patient

Literature and Medicine

Updated 2/17/2012

For Faculty:

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