Health care reform ushered in an intense focus on preventive care. UNMC is a national leader in this area and for many years has offered students specialized study in this area.

In the Preventive Medicine track, students will expand their knowledge, attitudes and skills in providing preventive are to individuals and population groups.

Some core concepts include:

  • Performing appropriate prevention-focused history, physical exam, and screening tests;
  • Motivational and behavioral change counseling and communication skills incorporating social and cultural environmental factors to improve the overall health of patients;
  • Identification of risk factors and evidence-based interventions for clinical preventive services; and
  • Identification and utilization of resources (formal and informal; private and public) that relate directly or indirectly to prevention and public health.

Learning activities include:

  • Monthly preventive medicine clinics and seminars;
  • A summer course in clinical preventive medicine;
  • Electives in preventive medicine and public health; and
  • The Preventive Medicine Project. It includes a literature review on a specific preventive medicine topic, assessment of its current implementation in a health care setting, an intervention to improve its implementation and an evaluation of the success of the intervention.

Program Director
Jim Medder, M.D. is the faculty member who directs this program. Dr. Medder also holds a master's degree in public health. You can email him for more information about the program.