Year Two Policies

Detailed guidelines about class handouts, announcements and scheduling are available below.

M2 Year Policies

Handout Policy

  1. Handouts are due in the ESO one week before the start of the core.
  2. Handouts available less than one week before the start of the core are the responsibility of the lecturer to duplicate and distribute to students. Attempts will be made to have the handouts available to the class as soon as possible (ideally placed in the lecture hall the next class day). Information concerning late handouts will be posted on Blackboard.
  3. Core funds pay for three one-sided pages of handouts per contact hour. Faculty may distribute more extensive handouts at their discretion. Copy charges will be sent to the appropriate departmental account.
  4. Students not obtaining handouts should contact the ESO. An attempt will be made to have the handout available by the following morning.

Announcements /Scheduling

  1. The core director will generally make announcements directly in class. This will be the primary form of communication with the class.  However, the class group e-mail listing or Blackboard will also be utilized for announcements.
  2. Messages to individual students and small groups will be sent by e-mail or by student mailbox.
  3. Students are not to make organizational announcements to the class during class time. They may write announcements, if space allows, on the chalkboard(s), or send announcements to their class via the group e-mail listing.


  1. Lecturers are called by the ESO at least one week in advance of their lecture (only if requested by the Core Director).
  2. AV problems - M1 and M2 classes are encouraged to ask for student volunteers to take responsibility to help assist faculty members who have difficulty with the AV technology.