Underserved Health Care

Most students choose to become doctors to help people. The people who need it most are those who do not have a regular primary care provider or access to quality health care.

The Underserved Health Care track can enhance your competency in providing care to underserved populations. In this track you will:

  • Develop reflective skills by exploring personal attitudes and motivation while caring for this population;
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to effectively and comfortably provide for their special health care needs;
  • Effectively utilize available community resources required to provide comprehensive care and to address the challenges specific to the care of this population; and
  • Develop competencies to become an effective social and political advocate for their special needs.

In addition to monthly seminars, learning/service activities include:

  • Caring for patients in homeless clinics or shelters;
  • Limited clinical experience visits and primary care block experiences in underserved clinics/sites including the SHARING Clinics;
  • Underserved and/or international elective experiences; and
  • The Underserved Project. It includes a literature review on a related topic, assessment and prioritization of current needs, development and implementation of an intervention and an evaluation of the success of the intervention.

Program Directors
Several faculty members share your passion for helping underserved populations.

You can email information Jim Medder, M.D. or Ruth Margalit, M.D.  for more information about the program.