Passage of US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step1 is a graduation requirement.

Guidelines are as follows:

  • All students must complete examination by the end of the third week of June each year.
    •  Students who fail Step 1 must retake the exam by November 30 (150 days after initial deadline - 60 day waiting period plus 90 day test window)
    • Second retake - Must be accomplished by June 30 of the subsequent year (one year after initial deadline)
  • All students must pass the examination as a requirement for progression into the senior year.

First time failure of the examination will result in automatic review of the failing student's academic performance, extenuating circumstances, and step 1 score by the appropriate Associate Dean with a resulting recommendation to the Scholastic Evaluation Committee for action (e.g. removal of the student from junior year clerkships and/or required remediation in a board review course).

Remediation of second failure - student will be placed on a leave of absence. Repeat examination must be taken based on guidelines above. Students will be allowed to audit appropriate first and second year cores and participate in board reviews (if scheduled) in accordance with standard policies.

Failure of the examination on three occasions will result in termination of enrollment.

Approved by General Faculty - March 15, 1995
Modified by Curriculum Committee - October 15, 1998 

Links to advice from students about preparing for Step 1; year indicates when the survey was taken







USMLE Informational Panels

The noon sessions with presentations will be recorded and available in the Blackboard course.

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