Animal Procurement


All orders for live research animals purchased with UNMC funds must be approved by and ordered through Comparative Medicine. Comparative Medicine must review all requests for animals to ensure that; 1) all animals will be used only on approved protocols, 2) only the number and species of animals approved are received, 3) all personnel who will be working with the animals have adequate experience and knowledge handling and working with the species ordered, 4) space, caging, and required equipment are available to house the animals according to regulations, 5) all animals are received from vendors which meet or exceed all regulations and guidelines, and 6) all animals meet the guidelines established by Comparative Medicine to ensure that the animals delivered will not pose a health threat to animals currently held at UNMC.

Animal orders must be placed online through Research Support Systems (RSS).

Use your Outlook email ID and password to log in. On the left navigation bar, hover the cursor over "Comparative Medicine" and click on "Order Animals". Choose the protocol number and select "animal order".

The following information is required when placing an animal order:

  1. UNMC IACUC Approved Protocol Number
  2. Species Required
  3. Strain Required
  4. Sex of Animals
  5. Weight and Age Required
  6. Quantity
  7. Principal Investigator (as listed on the protocol)
  8. Cost Center Number (used for billing purposes)
  9. Preferred Vendor
  10. Name of the person who is placing the order and contact information
  11. Any special requirements such as specific pathogen free (SPF) status
  12. Date animals are required for research

During the ordering process, you may be prompted to complete and Animal Housing Request Form. This form will provide our animal care staff with important information about how to best house and care for your research animals.

Please note that any studies involving the use of hazardous agents must be approved the CM Safety/ Compliance Coordinator and the relevant UNMC Safety Department. If an Operational Safety Protocol (OSP) is required, it must be finalized prior to ordering animals.

All animal orders must be received by noon on the Thursday preceding the week in which the animals are required. Animal orders received by this time will normally be delivered the following week, subject to availability. Animal orders received after this time may be delayed for one week or may require additional delivery charges. Please contact the CM office at 402-559-4034 for pricing and delivery information.