Comparative Medicine Advisory Group (CMAG)

The Comparative Medicine Advisory Group (CMAG) is a campus wide advisory group appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for Research. It consists of representatives from Comparative Medicine and research scientists who use animals.

The charge to CMAG is to promote the exchange of information and ideas among all UNMC scientists regarding current and projected animal related research activities. CMAG members meet with the administration of Comparative Medicine and with the Vice Chancellor for Research, to maintain and improve the quality of research animal facilities, equipment and services.

Members of the Comparative Medicine Advisory Group include:

  1. Dr. Hamid Band - Eppley Cancer Center
  2. Dr. Kaustubh Datta - Biochemistry
  3. Dr. Anna Dunaevsky - MMI
  4. Dr. Ali Nawshad - College of Dentistry
  5. Dr. Tammy Kielian - Pathology/Microbiology
  6. Dr. Lee Mosley - PEN
  7. Dr. Shyamal Roy - OB/GYN
  8. Dr. Carol Toris - Ophthalmology
  9. Dr. Harold Schultz - Cellular and Integrative Physiology
  10. Dr. Vimla Band - Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy