Nebraska Practice Opportunities

Current Listings: Nebraska Practice Opportunities - July 16, 2015

A Message from Veronica McManamon

Hello My Friends,

I want to extend a warm greeting to all the friends and supporters of the UNMC College of Dentistry. Many of you have attended the opportunity fairs and the transition seminars offered by the college. The opportunity fairs have been successful in introducing our students to the dental community and the opportunities awaiting them in rural and urban Nebraska.

The seminars have been beneficial as well. Our last presenter for the transition seminar received very favorable reviews. We were pleased to have Dr. C. Steven Wolff, DDS, of EMA Dental Practice Sales in house for this fabulous program. He has been a big supporter of our practice management curriculum at the college and we were honored that he would spend a day with our practicing dentists who are planning for future changes in their practices, whether it is retirement or hiring an associate or bringing in a partner.

The college is supportive of our dental community and would like to continue to post practice opportunities on the Nebraska Dental Practice Opportunities list. This listing has been very successful. Our students review it often and because it is posted on the internet, the college receives a number of inquiries about these dental opportunities on a national level. This listing, in combination with the annual opportunities fair, has successfully served our future dentists and established practicing dentists in Nebraska.

For more information about the opportunity listing or the opportunity fair contact:

Veronica McManamon

The next Opportunities Fair is set for Friday, October 23, 2015.