Weather Policy

Weather Close-Down Policy

  • All classes and patient clinics will be closed when it is announced  "All Classes are canceled and all offices are closed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Only those individuals occupying positions designated as essential during weather close downs should report to work."
  • Classes and patient clinics will also be closed when it is announced, "All classes at the University of Nebraska are canceled; however, all other business will be conducted as usual." Employees are expected to report to work as usual; those who do not report for work when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is open are expected to take annual leave (vacation) for the time absent from work.
  • As a reminder, weather related closings are campus specific for COD employees, students and residents.

Per UNL Police regarding door access during a close-down.

  • During a University snow day all card access doors will be locked at the designated snow day time (depending on if it is the entire day or just an early closing). This includes interior doors such as labs, offices, corridors, etc. Personnel with NCard access to these areas will still be able to enter these areas, but they will be locked to the general population.


When the forecast calls for severe weather see for current announcements regarding closing.