Disparities Research

Understanding the needs of diverse populations and partnering with community groups to address those needs is a critical part of UNMC’s effort to address health disparities. The more we know about who we are serving, the better we are able to provide the appropriate services they want and need.

Several researchers dedicate their time to improving health equity outcomes:

Renaisa Anthony, M.D., researches women’s health outcomes

Christopher Fisher, Ph.D., researches sexual health and wellness

Patrik Johansson, M.D., examines rural health disparities

Jennifer Larsen, M.D., focuses on diabetes disparities in Native American tribes

Phyllis Nsiah-Kumi, M.D., examines disparities in breast cancer with African-American women, diabetes in tribal populations and health literacy.

Pinaki Panigrahi, M.D., Ph.D., examines drug resistance during early infancy in babies born in Indian villages and tribal areas

Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, Ph.D., partners with Native American tribes to address cancer disparities.