Services Provided

CpG Density Identification and Genomic Sequence Analysis and Bioinformatics.

DNA Methylation AnalysisDNA Methylation Analysis
Specific Genomic Location Analysis

  • Methylation Specific PCR.
  • Bisulfite Sequencing.
  • Bisulfite Pyrosequencing.
    • Qiagen PyroMark Pyrosequencer Instrumentation.

Genome Wide Analysis

  • High Throughput Sequencing Methylation Analysis.
    • Methyl-Sensitive Cut Counting (MSCC), Ball et al. 2009*
    • Methyl CpG Binding Domain - Isolated Genome Sequencing (MiGS)
      Serre et al. 2010**

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation AnalysisChromatin Immunoprecipitation Analysis (ChIP)

  • Analysis of Histone Modifications.
  • DNA-Protein Interactions.
  • Chromatin Positions analyzed using:
    • Quantitative PCR Analysis (Real-Time QPCR).
    • High Throughput Sequencing Analysis (ChIP-Seq).

Gene Expression Analysis (QPCR)

  • Real-Time Quantitative PCR Gene Expression.