1st Year Rotations

Emergency Medicine  EM1s spend time in the UNMC ED to achieve proficiency in the history and physical examination skills relevant to emergency medicine while gaining familiarity with the time management skills necessary to care for multiple patients in the acute setting. In this initial phase in training, the resident must develop an approach to the evaluation and management of common ED presentations, and the emphasis is on this process.  
Pediatric Emergency Medicine  A rotation is done at the Children's Hospital ED to achieve proficiency in the history and physical examination skills relevant to pediatric emergency medicine in a dedicated pediatric environment. 
Anesthesiology   The resident will assume responsibility for pre-, intra-, and post-operative care of patients requiring airway management & anesthetic administration as directed by the supervising faculty or resident. The Department of Anesthesiology staff will provide supervision of all patient care & determine the appropriate level of resident involvement based on experience and demonstrated ability.  
Cardiology   EM residents have the opportunity to rotate on the General Cardiology. Cardiology is a fast paced environment that will allow for great experience. Residents will be scheduled for home call while on this rotation and will work closely with the Cardiology fellows and faculty.  
Internal Medicine   The resident will participate in the medical evaluation and management of each assigned patient admitted to the internal medicine service from the ED or hospital clinics as well as patients requiring consulting evaluation in the ED or on the inpatient wards. Resident responsibilities for each assigned patient will include initial history and physical examination, differential diagnosis, and diagnostic work-up and treatment planning. All patients evaluated by the resident will be presented to internal medicine faculty.  
Ultrasound & Radiology   The Emergency Ultrasound rotation is designed to provide the resident with training in performance and interpretation of bedside ultrasound examinations. The resident will learn indications of bedside ultrasound, how to obtain the ultrasound windows, and image interpretation. In addition, the resident will gain experience in performing procedures under ultrasound guidance. Additionally, the resident will be assigned education modules that teach the interpretation of commonly utilized diagnostic radiographic examinations such as chest x-ray, abdominal x-ray, skeletal x-ray, and head CT.  
Obstetrics & Gynecology   The resident will function as an intern on the OB/GYN service with primary responsibility for performing the initial evaluation of patients presenting to clinics, inpatient wards, labor and delivery, and the emergency department. Procedural competence will develop through increasing responsibility for normal vaginal deliveries during the course of the month as determined by OB/GYN faculty.  
Orthopedic Surgery   The resident will serve as an EM1 resident in the ED, but will evaluate and manage patients presenting with musculoskeletal complaints. The resident will present all patients to EM faculty. The resident will also attend weekly Hand and Trauma clinics.  
Trauma Surgery   The resident will participate in performing the primary and secondary surveys and necessary interventions on all patients evaluated by the trauma team under the direct supervision of the trauma chief resident. The resident will participate in the care of patients requiring operative interventions at the discretion of the trauma attending. The resident will also assume primary responsibility for the ongoing inpatient care of the trauma patient.