3rd Year Rotations

Emergency Medicine  The EM3, after the initial two months of the senior year in the program, will begin to assume the role of junior attending, based on the individual resident's skills and abilities as determined by supervising EM faculty. The EM3 will perform initial H&P on patients and present all patients to EM faculty. The EM3 will also serve as a resource to more junior residents and medical students, providing informal consultations in the ED.
ED Administration   The EM3 will be directly supervised for the rotation by Dr. Richard Walker, clinical director for the ED. Residents will work decreased clinical shifts and will participate in Emergency Medical Services activities including assigned readings, paramedic education, Omaha Fire Department ride-along shifts, and optional LifeNet fly-along shifts; participation in Risk Management activities.  
Electives   This rotation will be decided by each individual resident under the direction of the program director. This may be taken as a campus rotation in another department. It generally may not be used as a research month -If you would like an exception to this, please contact the program director.  
Selectives   As an HO III you are allowed 2 selectives. For two of the months during the 3rd year, residents are allowed to choose rotations that they feel will best enhance their education or based on their areas of interest. The resident can choose 2 of the 4 options below. The options are:  
Adult ICU   The resident will assume the clinical responsibilities of a third-year resident, working on a consultation service / AICU service participating in diagnostic work-up and management planning. The performance of necessary procedures will take place at the discretion of the attending critical care faculty and under the supervision of the critical care fellow or faculty.  
Rural Emergency Medicine   The Rural EM rotation will allow the resident to experience non-urban EM practice, as well as daily life in a rural environment. During the month, the resident will live in North Platte, Nebraska in an apartment provided by Great Plains Regional Medical Center and work in the GPRM ER. The Rural EM rotation will follow the same educational objectives as for the EM2 or EM3 Nebraska Medical Center ED rotations, but will emphasize the following aspects of EM practice unique to the rural ED.  
Pediatric ICU  This rotation takes place at Children's Hospital in Omaha. The rotating resident will assume responsibility for the initial assessment and stabilization of critically ill patients admitted to the PICU from the floor or ED under the supervision of attending pediatric critical care specialists. The resident will perform all necessary procedures at the discretion of attending faculty. The resident will also provide ongoing daily care to all admitted patients. 
Pediatric Emergency Medicine  The EM3 will rotate at Children's Hospital, demonstrating mastery of time management skills necessary to care for multiple patients in the acute setting, resuscitation of hemodynamically unstable children including emergency medications and bedside procedures, and the organizational skills necessary to facilitate the care of acutely ill children being transferred from rural facilities.