$ 33,515    
Principal Investigator- Michael Wadman, Co-Investigators- Wesley Zeger, Robert Muelleman and Thanh Nguyen Vietnam Education Foundation, “Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine at Thai Binh Medical University.” -US Faculty Scholars Program. 01/01/2013-12/31/2013

Co-Investigator-Michael Wadman, DHHS/HRSA, “Advancing Rural Emergency and Acute care (AREA) Program for Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs), 07/01/2013 - 06/30/2016

$ 1,331,650 

Principle Investigator- Yu-Long Li, National Institutes of Health, “Dysfunction of Baroreceptor Neurons in Heart Failure: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Aortic baroreceptor neurons in nodose ganglia play an important role on arterial baroreflex impairment, a complication of chronic heart failure (CHF).”   07/2010-06/2014       

$ 508,389          
Principle Investigator- Wesley Zeger, Subcontract from University of Massachusetts, National Institutes of Health, “Emergency Department Suicide Screening and Intervention Trial (EDSSIT)”

Principle Investigator- Yulong Li, Nebraska Bankers Association Equipment Grant, Awarded 06/09

Pending Grants
Co-Investigator- Yulong Li, National Institutes of Health, “Molecular and Cellular Determinants of the Exercise Pressor Reflex in CHF This project will uncover novel molecular and cellular mechanisms
underlying the exaggerated sympatho-excitation during exercise in chronic heart failure. 07/01/2013 - 06/30/2018

$ 350,750           
Co-Investigator-Robert Muelleman, National Institutes of Health, “Inequalities in fatalities from alcohol-impaired Motor vehicle crashes. 4/01/2014 - 3/31/2016.

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