Andrew Barnett, MD

Where did you go to medical school?
The University of Iowa

Why did you decide to go into Emergency Medicine?
Because it's awesome...I love not knowing what type of experience I will have on a day to day basis.  The diversity of patient complaints, the necessary critical decision making skills, and unique physician/patient interaction keep me focused and driven.

Why did you choose UNMC for residency?
There is a lot of commodore between the residents and attendings.  Resident education and resident input are a top priority.  UNMC also offers a diverse patient population with patients from every socioeconomic group.  

Please list your EM interest:
Since I'm relatively new to EM I have not had the opportunity to explore all of the options it has to offer.  But at this point I do have a particular interest in toxicology and critical care.

What are your plans after residency?
At this point I'm not quite sure.  I could see myself in a variety of environments.

Why do you like Nebraska?
I'm new to Nebraska but so far Omaha has a ton to offer!  I like trying out new restaurants, seeing local bands, and just trying to find new things to do and see.