Erica Carlsson, MD

Where did you go to medical school?
Creighton University Medical School

Why did you decide to go into Emergency Medicine?  
I was an ED Scribe for 4 years in undergrad in Texas and I loved it! The people are great, the medicine is great and I just fit well in Emergency Medicine.  I tried really hard to keep an open mind during medical school and give other specialties a chance but always found myself right back where I started in the ED. 

Why did you choose UNMC for residency?
I'm from Nebraska and really wanted to stay around family for residency and I loved it when I rotated during my M4 year so I decided it was the best fit for me!

Please list your EM interest:
Um, not really sure on this one yet!  Maybe ask me later this year because currently it's everything!

What are your plans after residency?
Again, not sure yet where I will end up, but will hopefully get a better feel for it at the end of my intern year. 

Why do you like Nebraska?  
Besides it being awesome, I like it because my family is here, my football team is here (GO Huskers!!) and my life is here.   It's the good life!