Nicholas Daniel, DO

Where did you go to medical school? 
Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why did you decide to go into Emergency Medicine? 
EM allows me to see patients and have the opportunity to help them when they need it most. I also enjoy the challenge of diagnosing and treating problems from throughout the medical spectrum.

Why did you choose UNMC for residency? 
UNMC had a great feel to it from day one. The biggest highlight to me was the comaraderie of the residents and how all attendings here are eager to help you out, whether you need help understanding electrolyte imbalance in the ED or someone to go out with for a pint, usually in this order.

Please list your EM interest: 
Ultrasound, Wilderness Medicine, and International Medicine

What are your plans after residency? 
It’s still early, and the possibility of a fellowship is out there. Haven’t thrown out the idea of being a cruise ship doctor and wearing a skipper hat for a summer.

Why do you like Nebraska?
Size matters! I really wanted to live in a moderate size city and Omaha fits the bill. No grueling traffic, but still plenty of culture, arts, and things to do. Who knows, maybe Omaha’s roller derby squad will win it all this year.