Hixson-Lied Center for Clinical Excellence

Hixon Lied center for clinical excellence



The Nebraska Medical Center unveiled the Hixson-Lied Center for Clinical Excellence in October 2005. The Center is the largest emergency department in the Midwest, with more than 27 state-of-the-art operating rooms, radiology equipment that can scan the body in 10 seconds and a Newborn Intensive Care Unit designed around our tiniest patients.

The four-story, 165,000 square foot (15,330 square meters), $57.3 million building houses the Emergency Department; a Newborn Intensive Care Unit that is built around sick and premature newborns and their families; a Radiology Unit equipped with the latest technology; and Operating Rooms, each designed for both the minimally-invasive procedures and open surgeries like liver transplantation.

The emergency department provides patients the help they need quickly and efficiently. With 46 rooms including state of the art observation rooms, bedside patient registration and valet parking, patients get in and out of the E.D. faster. Spread across two floors, the Radiology Department streamlines the patient experience by offering most of its services in one place. New, state-of-the-art radiology equipment capture images of a heart in just five heartbeats and scan the whole body in about 10 seconds. The Operating Rooms are larger and all of them are outfitted with the OR-1 technology and the equipment needed to do minimally invasive procedures or large open surgeries like organ transplantation.

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Patient census stats:

  • Annual Visits: 50,000
  • Adult: 81.1%
  • Pediatric: 18.9%
  • Trauma related: 21.9%

University of Nebraska College of Medicine is located on site.        
Emergency Enterence              patient room in the emergency department


hallway in the emergency department                ambulance pulling up to the emergency department        

                                                        Hixon-lied center sign