Daniel Kalin, MD

Why did you go to medical school?
University of Nebraska

Why did you decide to go into Emergency Medicine?
The diversity of the patients, the pace, and EM provides a good mix of medical and procedural skills.

Why did you chose UNMC for residency?
The first reason is the staff. They are always willing to take time and teach and take a genuine interest in the progression of their residents. The other reasons are numerous but UNMC offers a diverse patient population with a wide variety of pathology.

Please list your EM interest:
I'm still trying to figure that one out but right now I have a fair amount of interest in ultrasound.

What are your plans after residency?
Undecided. I think working in an academic environment with residents would be very rewarding but for the moment I am focused on just getting through my residency.

Why do you like Nebraska?
I grew up here. The weather can be a bit dodgy at times but Omaha has a good live music scene, plenty to do outdoors, and if you are in to more rural activities the rest of the state is, literally, wide open.