SURG-733 Trauma Center/Emergency Department

Periods Offered: Each four weeks
Student Limit: 4

This elective is for current UNMC 4th year medical students and must be pre-arranged with the student clerkship coordinator. This is an experience at the Nebraska Medical Center, which will show the operation of an emergency department in a large community by full-time faculty of the College of Medicine, and allows students direct patient contact under supervision of an attending physician. This rotation includes lectures on the topics of Chest Pain, Abdominal Pain, Toxicology, and Ultrasound in the emergency department. Emergency Medicine Chiefs conduct a splint lab while on this rotation. Medical students have the option to perform an observation on an ambulance with Omaha Fire Department. While on this rotation, students are required to read "First Exposure to Emergency Medicine" (textbooks provided at no cost) and complete a post-test.

Students interested in pursuing Emergency Medicine as a career are strongly encouraged to arrange a meeting with an EM faculty member to assist guiding students through off campus rotation site ideas, ERAS, and the interview season.

For further information contact Kelly Deerson, Clerkship Coordinator.

Contact Information
Amy Cutright, MD
Student Clerkship Director

Kelly Deerson
Student Clerkship Coordinator

Sue Pope
College of Medicine Program Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Nebraska Medical Center
981150 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-1150

Phone Numbers:
Office: 402 559-5413
Fax: 402 559-9659