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The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center pursues excellence in emergency care in the service of Nebraskans and of all citizens of the world. More specifically, the department fully supports the four core academic endeavors of patient care, research, teaching, and service. The department is committed to innovation in basic-science research, patient-oriented research, and translational research. The fundamental model that the department embraces revolves around our belief that diseases will only be cured after science provides a basic understanding of human physiology and pathophysiology. To help accomplish these goals, the department focuses on attracting and nurturing a cadre of clinician scientists who not only love the practice of clinical emergency medicine but also have the passion for science, the resolve and patience to stay on course (even when research moves at glacial speeds), and the greatness to serve as mentors for junior faculty, residents, and students. Residents are required to complete a publishable-quality research project under the mentorship of his/her research advisor. Several residents have presented their research at national meetings and published their papers at respectable EM journals.

Our current clinical research interests include:

  1. Injury prevention/Domestic violence
  2. Rural medicine
  3. Emergency medical ultrasonography
  4. Medical toxicology
  5. Undergraduate/graduate medical education
  6. Medical informatics
  7. Suicide Prevention
  8. Sepsis

Our current bench research interests include:

  1. Electrophysiology of nodose ganglia in baroreflex and autonomic dysfunction
  2. Mechanotransduction of autonomic nerve terminals
  3. Mitochondrial biology in ischemia/reperfusion and polytrauma injury

Faculty in the department have been funded by the AHA and NIH. The department has available seed money to help fund clinical scientists who have promising models or established track records. We invite you to look at faculty and research opportunities at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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