Scholarly Project

While in residency, you will be required to present a scholarly activity project. You are expected to work on this project during the first two years of residency and presenting during your third year before graduation. You will discuss the progress on your project every six months during your evaluation meeting with your advisor and program director. Following are the research projects that were presented in June 2014 by our senior residents.

Christopher J. Acker, MD
"Implementation of the Aide to Capacity Evaluation (ACE) Decision Tool for Patients in the Emergency Department"
Mentor: Wesley Zeger, DO

Nicholas J. Daniel, DO
"Are Emergency Medicine Residents 'Missing' Central Line Training? Retrospective Review of Central Venous Catheters Placed In and Out of the Emergency Department"
Mentor: Aaron Barksdale, MD

Erica L. Diede, MD
"Improving Sexual Assault Education for Emergency Medicine Providers"
Mentor: Cynthia Hernandez, MD

Daniel R. Heckmann, MD
"Agreement between Gastroccult and Hemoccult Cards in the Emergency Department"
Mentor: Richard Walker, MD

Aaron L. High, MD
"Treatment of Carbon Monoxide Intoxication/ Encephalopathy with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - 26
Years' Experience 1986-2013 - Retrospective Review of an Alternative Treatment Protocol"
Mentor: Jeffery Cooper, MD

Anthony R. Mueller, MD
"Impact of Early ICU Admission on Survival Rates of Septic Patients"
Mentor: Christine Miyake, MD

Heeyoung P. Wang, MD
"Quantification of Shoulder Fluid by Point-of-Care-Limited Ultrasound"
Mentor: Wes Zeger, DO

Tedd J. Welniak, MD
"Negotiating Emergency Department Admission Handoffs: Experiences, Beliefs, and Perceptions of Admitting and Emergency Physicians”
Mentors: Michael Wadman, MD, and Christopher Smith, MD