T.J. Welniak, MD

Where did you go to medical school?
University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Why did you decide to go into Emergency Medicine?
Few other professions provide you the opportunity to develop such a wide range of knowledge about the acute presentations of so many different types of problems in medicine and surgery.  In EM, you get to work as part of a highly-trained health care team with multiple working parts charged with serving one's community 24/7.

Why did you choose UNMC for residency?
Regional and national referral center with a substantial variety of patient types and pathology.  The attendings here are all very approachable and have a wide range of backgrounds and styles to learn from.  Residents are supportive of one another, and never seem to be in shortage for getting a beer after a long shift.

Please list your EM interest:
Critical Care in the ED, Wilderness EM, Simulation, International EM

What are your plans after residency?
Considering opportunities in Critical Care and Sim Training.  Would love to coach football

Why do you like Nebraska?
There is never a shortage of things to do, with strong music, arts, and amateur sports scenes (Yea Jays and 'skers!).  Omaha is a growing town that is constantly reinventing and bettering itself.  It is also nice being within a day's drive, or short flight of friends living all across the country