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Medical Student Education

Medical students participate in otolaryngology in two clinical experiences as well as on an elective basis.

The Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery Interest League (TOHNSIL)

This is an opportunity open to all medical students interested in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. This group is a resident run experience that covers a variety of different topics in this specialty and takes place on a monthly basis. If you are interested please contact Vanessa Larson.

Ambulatory Medicine Rotation

Students may elect to participate in otolaryngology one or more half days a week for a period of one month. During this time the student is assigned to a resident in the ENT Clinic and participates in all activities and patient care.

Surgical Rotation

Third year medical students may elect to spend one or two weeks in ENT. Each student is assigned to a resident.

M3 Surgical Rotation:

  • The rotation begins Monday morning with the7 A.M. Head and Neck Tumor Board, held in the radiation conference room 08191. Students should report to the chief resident.
  • (Should the Tumor Board be canceled, students should request that the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery offices page the chief resident.)
  • Students must register, and pick up a student syllabus, on Monday in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, UH3102 room 3109. Please contact Vanessa Larson at 402-559-7005.


Fourth-year medical students may elect to spend an entire four-week period in otolaryngology, participating in medical and surgical activities, patient care and, if desired, research projects.

M4 Otolaryngology Clerkship:

  • Monthly rotations
    Student Limit: 4 at UNMC
    1 or 2 at VA Hospital by arrangement
    Semester Hours: 4
    For information, call Vanessa Larson at 402-559-7005.
  • The student is closely involved with all facets of otolaryngology. Evaluation of patients, diagnostic considerations, and management approaches are emphasized.
  • The student participates in all activities of the department including clinical responsibilities, operations and formal teaching exercises.
  • The student is expected to be present for both morning and evening rounds as well as all scheduled clinics and teaching conferences.
  • Patient care and responsibility during the elective will depend upon the available material as well as the student's interest and initiative. If a student is interested in a specific case, he/she should tell the resident who will assist him/her in its evaluation.
  • NOTE: One week of the clerkship may be spent at the VA ENT clinic and operating room with the other three weeks at UNMC

      52-670 Off-Campus Elective:

  • Periods offered: By arrangement
    Student limits: By arrangement
    Semester hours: 4
  • The Student may choose to spend elective time in otolaryngology off-campus. Opportunities should be discussed and arranged with the approval of the otolaryngology staff.




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