Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a procedure to establish normal sinus ventilation.

Immediately after surgery:

As with any nasal procedure, the patient can expect a moderate amount of reddish to pink nasal drainage, some discomfort in the nose, and headaches that are slightly worse the second day postoperatively.

There is usually a period of up to 36 hours necessary to recover from the medications used for sedation during surgery. During this time period, the patient may remain mildly sedated, sluggish, or experience slow reflexes. Therefore, it is recommend that no important activity and absolutely no motor vehicle operation be undertaken during this period.

There is to be absolutely NO NOSE BLOWING for a period of one week after surgery. Blowing the nose can cause disruption of the areas operated on, bleeding and could result in air going beneath the skin around the eyes or into the brain or eye cavities. For clearing of nasal secretions, salt water irrigations and mists, bulb syringe, Water Pik, or recommended inhalation methods must be used.


Normally, following this type of surgery, the patient is given a ten-day course of antibiotics. It is important to complete this course of medication as directed to effect healing and to prevent complications.

Prescribed pain medications should be taken according to the directions on the bottle for as long as they are needed.

Contact the ENT Clinic immediately at 402-559-5208, should the patient experience:

  • A headache that gets progressively worse.
  • Clear nasal drainage.
  • Visual difficulties.


Strenuous activity is to be avoided for at least two weeks postoperatively and possibly three weeks depending on how rapidly the patient is healing.


A small clear absorbable splint may be left in the nose after surgery. If so, it will need to be removed in the Clinic seven to 14 days after surgery. Should this splint come out before that time, the Clinic should be contacted.

Contact Information
If at any time you have questions concerning your progress, call the ENT Clinic at 402-559-5208