Myringotomies and Ear Tubes

Myringotomies and Ear Tubes Post-Op Instructions

Surgery: The incision into the eardrum and placement of a ventilation tube is done under general anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure for children and a clinic procedure for adults. Postoperative care is minimal. The most important caution is to not get any water in the ear as long as the tubes are present. On the day of surgery, the patient needs to recover from general anesthesia, if used.

Pain: Pain is minimal and can be controlled with Tylenol.

Fever: Children may run a low-grade fever - 100 degrees - for one or two days following tube surgery.

Diet: The diet can be increased as tolerated, with the patient back to a normal eating pattern by the second day.

Bleeding: Minimal bleeding does occur on the day of surgery and possibly one to two days following surgery.

Medications: Antibiotics are frequently prescribed. These may be drops that are used two or three times a day, depending on the drops, or oral antibiotics. All antibiotics should be used as directed.

Follow-up: A follow-up clinic appointment should be arranged for two weeks post op. At this time, the tubes will be checked to be sure they are open.

Contact Information
If at any time you have questions concerning your progress, call the ENT Clinic at 402-559-5208