Ercole Cavalieri, D.Sc.

Professor, Eppley Institute

Courtesy Professor, Dept of Environmental, Agricultural & Occupational Health
College of Public Health
Department of Chemistry (UNL)

Phone:  402-559-7237
Fax: 402-559-8068
E-Mail: Ercole Cavalieri

Ercole Cavalieri, D.Sc.


D.Sc. - University of Milan, Milan, Italy, 1962

Recent Awards: UNMC Distinguished Scientist, 2007

Research Interests

Molecular mechanisms of tumor initiation by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and estrogens. Origin of human cancer at the molecular level.

This research includes: (a) synthesis, chemical properties and reactions of mechanistic interest of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons radical cations; (b) in vitro and in vivo binding studies of PAH and estrogens to DNA, determination and quantitation of the structure of the adducts; (c) correlation of ras-oncogene mutations and formation of DNA depurinating adducts; (d) chemical mechanisms of cytochrome P-450 catalysis; (e) comparative tumorigenicity studies in the two target organs, mouse skin, and rat mammary gland; (f) mechanism of tumor initiation by activated catechols of estrogens and synthetic nonsteroidal estrogens; (g) analysis of biomarkers for the etiology and early detection of breast, prostate and other human cancers; (h) chemoprevention of animal and human cancer.

Cavalieri, E. and Rogan, E.G. Preface. Hormonal and non hormonal mechanisms underlying breast cancer. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Mechanisms. 9:e1-e3, 2012.

Cavalieri, E.L. and Rogan, E.G. The etiology and prevention of breast cancer. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Mechanisms. 9:e55-e69, 2012. 

Selected Publications