Cell Culture Facility

The Eppley Institute maintains a Cell Culture Facility on the seventh floor of the Institute building. This facility provides investigators who do not have cell culture capabilities in their laboratories with those capabilities. The Cell Culture Facility is composed of eight individual culture rooms, each with a laminar flow hood, incubators and a refrigerator. Seven of the rooms are allocated to individual investigators, and the eighth room is a common-use room used by other faculty as needed. This common use room also provides overflow space for the seven primary users.

Four of the laminar flow hoods exhaust to the outside for the safe use of carcinogens, mutagens and toxins. The facility also is equipped with a walk-in cold room, a warm (37 oC) room, a microscope area and a preparation area. The microscope area houses one conventional microscope, two inverted and one phase contrast, and a Coulter counter equipped with a channelizer. The preparation area houses two autoclaves, a high temperature oven for pipette sterilization, a Barnstead de-ionized and Milli-Q water systems. The latter is supplied with triple-distilled water, which is also available. The air supply is Hepa-filtered. Carbon dioxide and air for the incubators is on-line and filtered. Air and carbon dioxide are provided to cell culture incubators housed in laboratories in other parts of the Eppley Institute and Eppley Science Hall.

There is not a charge back system for this facility as it is a general use facility open to all UNMC/Eppley Cancer Center investigators and primarily provides access to the equipment rather than services.

Facility Director: Dr. Terence Lawson
Phone:  402-559-7475
Email: Terry Lawson