Eppley Seminar Series

Spring 2016


Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases

Eppley Science Hall Auditorium (ESH 3010)
UNMC, 4220 Dewey Ave, Omaha, NE
Thursday 4:00 PM or Thursday 9:00 AM






Jan 21

Zhenkun Lou, Ph.D.

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Adam Karpf, Ph.D.

Ubiquitination and the DNA Damage Response


Feb 4

Yujiang Shi, Ph.D.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Jing (Jenny) Wang, Ph.D.

Deregulation of Epigenetic Barrier

 in Cancer


Feb 25

Dmitry Gordenin, Ph.D.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Youri Pavlov, Ph.D.

Hypermutation in Human Cancer

March 3

Kenneth P. Nephew, Ph.D.

Indiana University

Ken Cowan, M.D./Ph.D

Hypomethylating Agents and Episensitization in Cancer

March 10

Tracy A. Brooks, Ph.D.

University of Mississippi

Jennifer Black, Ph.D.

kRas G-quadruplex regulation


March 17

Gangning Liang, M.D., Ph.D.

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Adam Karpf, Ph.D.

Gene Body Methylation is a Therapeutic Target in Cancer

March 24

Yong Wan, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh

Jing (Jenny) Wang, Ph.D.

Posttranslational Modifications in Genome Stability and Carcinogenesis


March 31

Senthil Muthuswamy, Ph.D.,

University of Toronto

Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D.

Cell Polarity and Tumor Organoids: New Pathways and Models for Controlling Cancer

April 7

Alan Fields, Ph.D.

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

Jennifer Black, Ph.D.

Protein Kinase C iota: A Multi-lineage Oncogene in the Lung

April 14

S. Perwez Hussain, Ph.D.


Pankaj Singh, Ph.D.

MIF Signaling as a Pathogenic Driver and Potential Target in Pancreatic Cancer

April 28

Charles Mullighan, MBBS (Hons), MSc, M.D.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Michael Green, Ph.D.

Redefining the genetic taxonomy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia: implications for pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy

May 5

Narendra Wajapeyee, Ph.D.


Pankaj Singh, Ph.D.

Genetic Vulnerability Pathways in Cancer

UNMC faculty, staff and students are invited to attend the presentation. 

Meeting Coordinator: Misty Pocwierz, 402-559-4092

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