Core B - Tissue Core

All projects in this SPORE use human specimens for translational research directed at reducing the incidence and mortality of pancreatic cancer. In order to provide the necessary specimens, a Pancreas Tumor SPORE Tissue Bank has been developed in cooperation with and under the auspices of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Tissue Procurement Shared Resource.

There are two components to this resource.

  • The first component is a conventional tissue bank, which captures and stores all excess surgical material from patients seen at UNMC and affiliated institutions, related to pancreatic and GI malignancies. This tissue bank also captures and stores samples related to clinical trials that are ongoing as part of SPORE activities.
  • The second component is an organ harvest/rapid autopsy program in which patients who die with pancreatic cancer donate their organs for research purposes. This program captures and processes entire internal organs from these patients, including all available samples of primary tumor and metastases.
    This core facility stores normal, benign (i.e. acute and/or chronic fibrosing pancreatitis) and malignant pancreatic tissues (including both primary and metastatic pancreatic carcinomas) and peripheral blood lymphocytes, plasma and serum from patients with pancreatic malignancies.

The core includes a mechanism for database management and specimen distribution, and is intended to benefit the specific research activities of the SPORE, as well as the research activities of other scientists within and outside of UNMC who are concentrating on translational research issues. Additionally, tissues are available for distribution through NCI supported tissue networks in national prioritization.

Julia Bridge, MD

Julia Bridge, MD
Director, Tissue Core
Professor, Pathology/Microbiology