The 2010 SPORE retreat was held at The Embassy Suites Old Market in Omaha, NE on December 6-7, 2010. Attending the 1 ½ day retreat were members of the Internal and External Advisory Committees, investigators, labs and administration. Scheduled the first day was a poster session, presentations and discussion of the 5 new Developmental Research Program projects, and research highlights of the current and past year’s Career Development Program awardees. Core and Project presentations were scheduled on the second day, followed by an Executive Session with the Advisors.

The annual retreats provide Advisors with the opportunity to review detailed progress reports from each project and shared resource, and to evaluate the progress of each for scientific quality and consistency with the translational aims of the SPORE program. Based on the oral and written progress reports, the Advisors will make recommendations for the coming year. SPORE projects can be continued, redirected, or discontinued. Developmental Projects are evaluated and the potential for becoming full SPORE projects in the future are discussed.