Event Center Space Use

Public spaces in UNMC facilities offer a positive, safe environment for patients and visitors. All activities, displays and people associated with them will maintain a professional environment consistent with the education, research and mission of UNMC. Displays and activities that are deemed inappropriate by the Events Center Coordinator, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, or their designee(s) may be removed.

All sales or activities for profit, including UNMC-sponsored vendor fairs, must have received approval by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance prior to scheduling space.


Activities or displays will not exceed the space allocated in each location.


UNMC does not permit the use of its space, including office and departmental space, or any UNMC resources for:

  • The conduct of profitable or charitable gambling in any form including, but not limited to: raffles, casino events, or any other games of chance.
  • The solicitation, sale or distribution of any product(s) that provides personal financial gain to any individual, except when the gain is incidental and associated with a charitable not-for-profit organization and which derive benefit from sale or distribution of products.

Rental of the Events Center facilitydoes not imply endorsement or co-sponsorship of events by the Events Center or UNMC.

The following type of print and/or audio/visual materials may not be used for any activity:

  • Materials that may be objectionable to another employee and/or the public because of race,color, religion, sex or national origins
  • Obscene or pornographic materials